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Customer comes first at Masku

Masku delivers its customers what they order – and fast! Maskun Kalustetalo truly understands the importance of a smooth delivery chain from the customer’s perspective. The goods must flow through the central warehouse quickly and without errors. Smooth delivery is considered an important factor in enhancing companies’ competitiveness.  In 2015, Maskun Kalustetalo embarked on a …

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CodeBus Africa – coding workshops for youth

CodeBus Africa is a 100-day adventure into creative technology and youth empowerment. It brings together African and Finnish innovators in tech and education to organise creative coding workshops for youth in ten African countries in February–May 2017. Coding Bus Africa is coordinated by Aalto Global Impact, a home to Aalto University’s social impact initiatives. Read more …

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Towards Outcome Economy – MPD 2017

Roima is a strategic partner of Manufacturing Performance Days 2017. MPD 2017 is an international top level B2B summit which will be organized on May 29-31 2017 in Tampere, Finland. Theme of the Days is Towards Outcome Economy. Manufacturing Performance Days is an executive and visionary seminar for manufacturing industries, researchers and technology and service providers worldwide. …

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All about purchasing and logistics

LOGY Conference is organized annually by the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY). The seminar is a popular and anticipated international event that has a lot to offer to all actors involved in management of business, SCM, sourcing, intralogistics and material handling, transport and logistics. Theme of the seminar this year is Transform your …

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International Cooperation

Roima was invited in Mid-January 2017 to Lake Forest, The Head Office of Schneider Electric’s Wonderware platform. The guest list was limited to the most advanced MES partners only. The Lake Forest office is very important in terms of how the platform development and cooperation activities are coordinated in the Wonderware ecosystem. The cooperation meeting workshop …

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MESA’s MES/MOM Certificate of Awareness

How do you measure the production efficiency? Have you ensured continuous improvement? A manufacturing execution solution help companies improve their results, ROI, reliability of delivery, efficiency and reduces expenditure resulting from waste. These solutions enable rapid reaction to any changes in production. The customers can be offered more accurate information about the providence of the …

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