Want to boost your business? You’ve come to the right place!

Do you know how to navigate the digital revolution that is transforming the entire operating environment and competitive playing field of your industry? Don’t worry – we are here to help you! We at Roima Intelligence are specialized in boosting the competitiveness of technology and food and beverage industries. Different production approaches constitute our core competence, and by identifying and analyzing the key challenges of your production process, we can create a comprehensive solution for your business to harness the change for your success!

Let’s bring manufacturing industry back to Europe!

Our vision is to enhance and boost European production together with our customers – together with YOU – to bring manufacturing industry back to Europe, stronger and more advanced than ever. High-skilled production reduces unit costs, diminishes the role of cheap labor and reshores some of the jobs back to Europe in the form of expert positions. Let’s together keep the European industry running!

Unleash your full potential with Roima

Whether you need solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Operations Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Machine Vision or Intralogistics, or the related needs assessment and process consultation, Roima is your choice. Our comprehensive product portfolio and extensive expertise cover all these areas.

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