Aton for PLM – save, manage and share information!

Aton is the most popular Product Data Management system in Finland. It is used both in small domestic companies and globally operating corporations. Aton contains all necessary tools to manage items, item structures, documents and components, as well as installed base and change management.

Aton makes product information accurate and better manageable, so helping companies to create better products and services. It is suited for managing the data generated during the whole product life cycle. It also helps to manage the product related processes and documents. Aton serves the company both locally and globally, giving more productivity and quality and saving time and effort.

Roima’s advanced Aton Product Data Management (PDM/PLM) is now also available as Aton SaaS service!

Join your information systems to the same data source

Aton gives more power to your product management. It serves company’s various information systems by providing and sharing the necessary data between them. Aton has integrations to

  • MCAD: SolidWorks, Inventor, Autocad, Catia, Vertex, ProE/Creo, microstation
  • ECAD: ePlan, E3, PADS
  • ERP: IFS, Lean, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor


Take a look at Aton basic functions:

Mass customize your products

Product configuration is the way to fulfil your various customer needs. Using mass customization will also speed up the product development and improve product management. For example, it is easy to create and manage model series.

When configuring a product, the product structure is created by selecting the wanted modules. The final, individual serial number structure contains the selected product features. As the documents are attached to the items, spare parts and service manual is formed at the same time.

Improve customer satisfaction with Change Management

When you make products, you naturally need to receive feed back your customers, i.e. those who use the products. This way you can develop your products to fulfil the real customer needs and keep your customes satisfied.

Controlled and networked change management is easiest to carry out inside a PDM system. Your customer feed back and product change orders will be stored and handled by a fixed and controlled process for the implementation of product changes. With PDM system you can cover and keep track of all responsibilies during different phases of change management. Also the related product information will stay up-to-date, so you will avoid making defective products and costly after shipments.

Expand your business towards Life cycle services

When your company’s After Sales service is efficient, you can use it as a basis for new life cycle services . Also it is good to have a working product management process. Your product management should answer the questions “which product is delivered to who” and “what does this individual product consist of”.

Aton manages the delivered product structures and versions – the installed base. It covers product families and individual product structures, mass production or customized products.

The right spare part to the right product

Solve your documentation problem with Aton! Did you know, that you can create a spare parts catalog directly from your product structure – product-specific and with language variations. The management of delivered product structures makes this possible, no matter if the products are mass produced or customized.

Share the information in the right place

Always up-to-date information, and the right amount of it, is a prerequisite of networked business.

This relates to businesses like subcontracting of engineering or manufacturing, resale, aftersales or any other form of co-operation.

Aton provides you with the tools to edit and share the information – despite you location. The information is available only to the people you want, and for the period you choose.

Manage the whole product life cycle

Aton is the engine that rotates the product life cycle management. It collects and controls the product information, as well as serves it to other systems. Basic functions contain product structure management, versions and related product information.

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