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Roima’s product basket contains a variety of versatile software, service and expert products. By combining these products flexibly, we are able to produce the best possible solution for your company’s unique needs. The products have been built to scale in accordance with the scope of your business.

Nearly 25 years’ exprerience of product data management has taught us much more than how to develop a decent software. True value to our customers are the best practices, which we have built up during numerous PDM projects. This experience we share with our customers

As well we offer trainings for Aton administrators and customer specific trainings. More information on training is available in our Customer Service, plmsupport(at)

Do you know if your data meets the requirements?

Defects and errors in data are all too common in companies. Yet, it seems too expensive and difficult to find out data quality, not to mention the classification and harmonization of data. Who is responsible for data quality, anyway?

Management may be unaware of poor data quality – even though using the data as a basis of decision making. But what are the possibilities of making good decisions based on bad data? Typically poor data causes extra costs, which keep piling up until the data is fixed.

Examining data quality is easy – with the right tools

Datalyysi – a service provided by Roima – examines the quality of company’s items or other master data quickly. By sending a sample of your company’s ERP or PDM data you will receive a report, which reveals the amount of defective and overlapping data.

For more information, please fill in contact form. We follow strict security policy when handling all information, so the data sample you send us is only used to analyze your data for the report which you will receive.

Datalyysi – an investment worth making!