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Increasing the cost-efficiency and flexibility of the manufacturing process requires a new kind of approach to traditional business. Digitalization is transforming the entire industrial operating environment, but also offers new ways to rev up your business. We’ll help you seize these opportunities.

Managing change means a comprehensive change in the company’s culture, involving continuous development and improvement of operations across the entire organization. With the help of our experienced professionals, you can learn how modern business models and technology can boost competitiveness even in the traditional industries.

Paperless production

Planned production programs always face pressure for change, such as schedule changes and further specifications to the manufactured product. If I print the data on paper, they will quickly become outdated and restrict the implementation of changes.

It’s also important to collect actual data from production, such as the actual times of different events and transactions, as well as actual measurement data. If these data are written on paper or entered into separate systems, it’s very hard for me to analyze and utilize the data.


We convert the worklists and work instructions of your production into electronic form. After that, you can forget about separate systems and paper printouts and enter all data directly into a single system.

Your production workstations are provided with a view that meets the requirements of the given task and provides all the information needed to complete the work in question, including the workstation’s worklist, work content, instructions, and documents. When all essential data are available in a single view, you don’t have to waste time navigating between different system forms.

The data entered to the system at the workstations can be handled directly through the workstation’s summary view – from the start and end data to the measurement data.

The production workstation employees can concentrate on their actual work without wasting any extra time on the information system. The system’s intuitiveness and ease of use also make the training of new employees faster.


Lean System MOM Shop Floor Control



Industry Expert : Olli Kanerva

Supplier network collaboration

The transforming business environment requires scalability from my business, too. The business model of my company is networked manufacturing. How can my company capture up-to-date and accurate data and ensure transparency across our customer, partner and supplier networks?


By building a network, your company can achieve more flexible manufacturing – provided that you also have the right tools. Roima’s productized cloud service offers you the platform and solutions to enhance the collaboration and exchange of information in your network. Roima Cloud integrates the supplier network seamlessly with the principal company. Manufacturing information is distributed to the right parties in a transparent way.

With Roima Cloud, you can centrally manage product-related changes in your network in cooperation with your partners.


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Industry Expert: Janne Tiuttu

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Production efficiency monitoring

How can I find out the overall efficiency of the bottleneck resources of my plants, and how can I continuously improve it? How can I identify the machines with low overall efficiency or high fault rate so that I could start taking corrective measures?


By taking advantage of IoT technology, you can easily digitalize the collection of production data. With real-time situational production data, you can react to possible problem situations without delay. By metering and analyzing the failures, quality loss, and speed loss of your production lines and machinery, you can take measures of continuous improvement and daily management to target your development and maintenance measures to the right areas (production planning, maintenance, quality monitoring, material management, etc.).


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Industry Expert: Sampo Reivilä

Material flow efficiency and optimization

Manual warehouse management absorbs my resources. My warehouse efficiency is dependent on specific individuals, and the training of new employees is difficult and burdensome. Balances are not in real time, so I’m having trouble ensuring delivery reliability. Automation would boost my warehouse process, but establishing connections to my current ERP system causes problems.

My warehouse management has hard time keeping up with all the development taking place in other areas, such as purchases, sales, production, etc.


By digitalizing your warehouse management and intralogistics processes, you create the basis for operational development. You get real-time data from warehouse management, which gives you the tools for the efficient management and optimization of your company’s material flows.

FidaWare WMS manages basics warehouse data comprehensively, including product, stock location and production lot data. It controls and optimizes all the central processes of your warehouse and ensures the accuracy and traceability of your deliveries throughout the entire intralogistics supply chain.

With FidaWare’s optimization tool, you can efficiently optimize the intralogistics of your company.


FidaWare WMS



Industry Expert : Jani Säynäväjärvi

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