NEWSPeople by the lake

People by a lake

Tiina of HKScan

Tiina, Head of the jury

Success requires the right people and the right attitude. Success is an attitude, which means working hard and keeping your eyes on the ball, but also enjoying life. Success is not achieved with gritted teeth and clenched fists. With this important thought in mind, Roima and HKScan organized a boy calendar photo shoot competition by the Pyhäjärvi lake. During the competition, the boys went swimming and to sauna, ate some summery strawberries and, naturally, enjoyed delicious meat.

In the warmth of the sun (yes, the sun sometimes shines in Finland as well) the competitors chattered away casually but, at the same time, many things moved forward.

The competition was tough but honest. According to the head of the jury, Tiina of HKScan, the level was so high and the competition so even that it would be unfair to name just one winner. Therefore, the jury decided to publish the group photo above, portraying the finalists of both teams and the head of the jury.