Importance of smooth delivery chain

Masku logoMaskun Kalustetalo truly understands the importance of a smooth delivery chain from the customer’s perspective. The goods must flow through the central warehouse quickly and without errors.

Smooth delivery is considered an important factor in enhancing companies’ competitiveness.  In 2015, Maskun Kalustetalo embarked on a quest to boost the productivity of their central warehouse. As a result, Masku carried out a mapping of potential suppliers, at the end which they were convinced of the expertise of Roima’s specialists and WMS solution.

When a company delivers goods, a big challenge is always the risk of loss. Thus, significant reduction in the loss of goods was set as one of the central goals of the WMS solution at Masku. Another goal is to speed up and increase the efficiency of material flows, as well as to investigate whether the total costs of the central warehouse could be reduced. It was decided that a FidaWare WMS project be started.

“Roima’s experienced specialist Arto Pellonpää familiarized himself with our situation extremely well. After the mapping phase, he gave us a ROI calculation on the FidaWare investment. The system would turn out to be a wise investment, as the estimated payback period was significantly less than a year”, Pepe Yli-Kaila explains pleased.

FidaWare WMS solution’s modern technology, scalability and excellent usability on the shop floor were a definite plus. The well-reasoned ROI calculation convinced our management team as well, and the investment was given the green light“, Yli-Kaila continues.

The project was launched smoothly. Masku and Roima share the same view that the WMS project is a common endeavour and both parties are fully committed to its execution. The FidaWare WMS project kick-off was in November 2016, and the implementation is scheduled for autumn 2017.

Maskun Kalustetalo Oy is a privately owned Finnish family enterprise which has been in the furniture business since 1983. In Finland, Maskun Kalustetalo runs 42 stores belonging to Masku chain and three stores belonging to Finnlandia chain, as well as the online store Through its subsidiary, Masku also has two stores in Estonia. The company employs almost 300 people.