Wipak invests in Continuous Improvement to achieve world-class manufacturing efficiency and agility

Wipak develops and manufactures highly innovative premium-quality packaging solutions for food products and medical instruments and devices.

picture of Steffen Kast

Steffen Kast, Operations Director at Wipak Group

To enable Continuous Improvement activities, Wipak has a need to a) gather online production data, b) achieve real-time visibility to production OEE KPIs and c) simplify shop floor operators’ daily work and system UIs.

Roima implemented the OEE and MES solution by taking advantage of Wonderware MES platform and Trelab sensor technologies. This state-of-the-art solution replaced the previously used SAP solution in the shop floor.

Data collection was set up using Trelab Smart Tag and Smart Data Mill cloud technologies. The solution setup was quick and roll-out to all production sites surprisingly easy.

Other OEE and MES capabilities were built on Wonderware MES platform – a packaged software with out-of-the-box functionality. Especially the UI development went smoothly and really responded to all operator and business requirements.

Roima OEE/MES solution is tightly integrated into Wipak SAP system. The integration was performed in cooperation with CastorIT and Wipak IT with great success. After the pilot solution, the roll-out of 31 lines was completed in less than a month.

“Roima professionals were extremely committed and nothing was impossible. I have seen very few projects where a supplier has been able to collaborate as Roima Intelligence did”, praises Steffen Kast of Wipak.