What are the nightmares of an engineer like? Manufacturing documentation never reaches the subcontractor, a product is manufactured on the basis of outdated drawings, changes are ignored by both parties… In all these cases, the damages are usually both financially and temporally significant and result in liability issues.

A solution to this problem is the Cloud Connected project carried out jointly by Roima Intelligence and ATR Soft Oy. In the first phase of the project, the creation of a seamless connection between SOLIDWORKS and CUSTOM TOOLS software and the cloud-based Product Information Cloud service ensures safe and reliable publication of manufacturing data to the partner network, enables the revision of structures, and maintains an audit trail of who has received which data packages and when. This way, the entire product process from the engineer’s desk to subcontracting and delivery is transparent and always traceable.

In the cloud-based Cloud Connected service, engineers can create manufacturing data packages (BOMs) for products with a single click of a button and publish them to the Product Information Cloud service. At the same time, the appropriate subcontractor is notified of the availability of the data package, and the activity is recorded in the audit trail of the service. If the product structure needs to be modified, a new revision of the manufacturing data package can be published, and the information can be communicated to the subcontractor at a click of a button. Likewise, the subcontractor can notify the company of any changes occurring during the manufacturing process through the same cloud service.

Forget about getting lost in the jungle of network hard drives and worrying about the intricacies of public cloud services – enjoy the “fits like a glove” solution specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry!

The Cloud Connected cloud service is available for the users of Aton PLM, Lean System and CUSTOM TOOLS alike, and we are continuously developing new tools to enhance the service.

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