ROIMA – more than the sum of its parts

Roima Intelligence is a strongly growing Profitability Partner to the leading technology and food & beverage companies, but also a vantage point to the whole industry. Our solutions help our customers achieve a more cost efficient production and supply chain, maintain and increase the quality and innovativeness of their products and thus generate more added value to their customers.

Roima brand was born in 2014 – yet we have deep roots and decades of experience within the Finnish industry. Our innovative attitude and desire to grow was recognized in 2016 when Roima Intelligence was selected as a winner for Red Herring’s 2016 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies.


Roima customers

“Without such an active cooperation and support we couldn’t have carried out the project under such atight schedule.” Ritva Gregorio, Vice President, Production Control at Valmet Automotive

We are proud to co-operate with an extensive amount of companies. Roima serves small and medium sized, local companies as well as global businesses. Companies like Teboil, MPS, Confidex, Kirami, Altia, Nordic Aluminium, Planmeca, Transtech, NEDAP and Nurminen Logistics, and many more successful companies, trust us.


Roima professionals

”We have no red tape. We work directly with the customer without unnecessary middlemen. We have a great crew and good spirit.” Kimmo, Senior SW Developer at Roima Intelligence.

Have you already met our competent consultants, proficient project managers and skilled software developers? It is all about the committed personnel – besides of being a top-notch product management, operations management, machine vision or intralogistics professional, each of us have a customer service attitude.


Roima revenueRoima locationsRoima is a growth company, and we constantly recruit new professionals. Our sales also continue to grow – we forecast a revenue of 20 M euros in two years’ time.

Roima has offices in six locations in Finland and in the Netherlands. Our main office is in Espoo, Finland.



The company’s ownership is divided between Korona Invest services fund (63 %) and management and key personnel (37 %).

Korona Invest is a management company with total capital commitments of EUR 126 million and three private equity funds.
Investors in Korona’s funds include Sitra, a number of Finnish foundations, four insurance companies and a number of other private investors. The goal is to ensure sustainable growth in all investments.


We are happy to introduce Roima’s board and Management team.

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