FidaWare is a modular software application that forms the foundation for bespoke solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer. To keep up with the development of the customer’s business, we deliver and maintain material- and dataflow management systems that ensure a lasting competitive edge.
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Customer benefits of FidaWare


Cost savings and efficiency

  • Higher productivity of intralogistics and reduction in order-picking errors
  • Significant reduction of costs incurred through delivery errors and claims
  • A higher warehouse utilisation rate and greater throughput
  • Avoidance of the need for investments in additional storage space
  • Capital savings, created by improved logistics, allowing more profitable operations
  • Handling of higher workloads without additional effort, thanks to intelligent planning and control

Well-being in the workplace

  • A user-friendly system, supporting employee well-being and reducing stress
  • Intelligent work-flow management, for higher-quality operations
  • Easy task switching, which avoids monotonous routines

Enhanced customer service

  • Versatile software functions that facilitate flexible, customer-specific service
  • Fewer delivery errors – more satisfied end customers
  • Real-time inventory monitoring, which improves delivery reliability

Solid business reporting and management

  • Real-time monitoring that facilitates efficient control of operations
  • Compilation of data on various warehouse functions in the form of standardised reports, for easy analysis
  • Reporting functions that can be customised, expanded, and integrated into a comprehensive BI solution


Warehouses | FidaWare WMS

Versatile, up-to-date warehouse managementvarastossa_small

FidaWare WMS contains all of the tools needed for efficient warehouse operation and management. The aim is to maintain the desired service level while minimising operation costs.


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Order-picking | FidaWare OMS

keruussa_smallEfficient order-picking as fruit of careful planning

FidaWare OMS utilises data obtained from the ERP system to generate picking tasks from incoming orders. Customer-defined parameters include timetables, routes, and order-picking methods.


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Production | FidaWare MMS

tuotannossa_smallDirecting material, work, and data flows on the basis of production needs

FidaWare MMS has been designed with challenging environments in mind. The basic structure of the software is always modified to suit customer-specific needs.


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Terminals | FidaWare TMS

terminaalissa_smallOptimal throughput and flexible storage services

The software has been designed to ensure optimal throughput and flexible storage services.


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