FidaWare MMS Directing material

FidaWare MMS Directing material
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Directing material, work, and data flows on the basis of production needs

FidaWare MMS has been designed with challenging environments in mind. The basic structure of the software is always modified to suit customer-specific needs. Customer benefits include flexibility for expansion and integration – the software evolves in tandem with the business operations.

The system combines material-handling and production with management of packaging and labelling, while monitoring the whole production process in real time. This guarantees uninterrupted traceability along the entire production chain.

FidaWare MMS can be integrated with all data systems involved in the various stages of the production process, such as the customer’s existing ERP system and various automation systems.

FidaWare MMS briefly

  • Automatic direction of material, work, and data flows from raw-material handling to the finalisation of the end product
  • Reliable traceability along the entire production chain
  • Real-time reporting, process control, and monitoring
  • Integration with other data systems and with automation equipment