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Optimal throughput and flexible storage services – Fidaware

The terminal of a logistics operator is usually a transfer point for third-party goods. The aim is to ensure optimal throughput of materials while providing highly flexible storage services.

FidaWare TMS facilitates customer-specific software solutions for terminal management and operations control. It enables the customer to react quickly to changes; to offer flexible, end-user-friendly services; and to manage, for example, addressed storage locations with ease.

FidaWare TMS in brief

  • Generates auxiliary – for instance, event-based – invoicing data with the aid of user-defined parameters, enabling the warehouse operator to create and offer diverse added-value services
  • vastottoOffers an extranet portal, through which customers of logistics operators can monitor the movements of their goods at the terminal or place orders
  • Manages various types of customs warehouses and goods-handling in compliance with the relevant customs regulations
  • Can be integrated with FidaWare WMS to make its versatile warehousing functions available at the terminal
  • Facilitates the creation of customer-specific value-added services


User-friendly graphical tools


FidaWare provides intuitive graphical tools for modelling the physical environment – for example, the reception area, warehouse, order-picking routes, shipping bays, outdoor facilities, and production areas. In addition to easy facility management, visualisations can be used for displaying specific information such as the location of a product along the picking route. The graphical user interface offers various search functions and warehouse management functions.