Our core values are understanding of the customer’s business, absolute trustworthiness, and commitment to growing with the success of our customers. Our customer support continues for the entire service life of the system, ensuring that its components remain up to date and that employees are trained in the use of upgrades.

To guarantee continued usability at an optimal level, we offer comprehensive additional services for our intralogistics control systems. The scope of the service is always tailored to the individual customer’s needs. If the system includes third-party components, we can also negotiate maintenance agreements with the respective suppliers if necessary.

Maintenance services

We are committed to guaranteeing trouble-free operation and development of our system by providing our customers with a highly professional maintenance service. Each maintenance customer is assigned a designated service team and contact person. A maintenance agreement also ensures priority in our allocation of training and development resources. In addition, the agreement includes the maintenance of a development environment corresponding to the customer’s system and up-to-date documentation. This helps to ensure rapid adaptation of the system in the event of changes and the seamless integration of any new functions or component upgrades.

In regular meetings with the customer, we discuss matters such as new system features, possible upgrade needs or alternative solutions developed, and the customer’s plans for the future. This way, we make sure that our product development supports the customer’s plans.

The maintenance agreement also defines regular inspections and other supplementary services ensuring reliable operation of the system. After each inspection, the customer receives a written report listing the actions performed and any repair or upgrade recommendations.

Our service hotline

By separate agreement, we offer a hotline service providing telephone-based support and remote troubleshooting outside office hours. The hotline automatically redirects incoming calls to the service engineer on duty. Our customers always receive a written report on each service contact and the ensuing actions.

Other services

Customer-specific additional services can be included in maintenance and service agreements as needed. Through our partners, we can also organise maintenance agreements for third-party software and hardware.