FIDAWARE OMS Order-picking

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Efficient order-picking through careful planning and management

Rapid changes in the market situation have reduced the average size of deliveries in the order-supply chain while at the same time increasing the number of items per order. Therefore, a delivery often includes multiple small orders. This poses ever more challenges for order-picking, which are compounded by the continuous pressure to improve delivery reliability and timeliness.

Planning of order-picking tasks

Well-planned is halfway done! This old saying holds particularly true in intralogistics – which is why we pay special attention to smart planning of order-picking routes and tasks.

FidaWare OMS utilises data obtained from the ERP system to generate picking tasks from incoming orders. The customer-defined parameters include timetables, routes, and methods. Any factors that might affect order-picking are considered early on – in the planning stage – to ensure efficient, error-free, and on-time operations.

Significantly reducing handling and transport costs, smart planning is the key to cost-efficient intralogistics.


Order-picking management

FidaWare OMS supports various order-picking methods and directs the compilation of orders by means of predefined plans.  Items are collected in accordance with the criteria set with the software: warehouse and shelf location, weight, physical size, shelf life or sell-by date, etc.

FidaWare OMS automatically generates order-picking tasks and assigns them to one or more collectors, depending on the workload involved. Tasks can also be assigned manually. Possible picking units include pallets, boxes and crates of various sizes, and piece goods.

FidaWare OMS is able to handle complex and demanding order-picking operations that combine several orders into one delivery and include goods from several warehouses or material flows.

Efficient order-picking management improves customer service, eliminates mistakes and ensures punctual deliveries Furthermore, it improves the transparency and traceability of warehouse operations.

FidaWare OMS supports automated order-picking and warehousing systems.

Allocation of order-picking resources

FidaWare OMS helps warehouse managers to assign the given resources appropriately on the basis of workload – for example, by distributing large assignments between two or more pickers acting simultaneously.

The software guides and optimises the warehouse truck movements involved in picking operations. To save time and money, it can automatically assign a new task to the truck nearest the desired item. Furthermore, the software supports the introduction of incentive-based pay by producing the required performance data.