FidaWare adapts to the customers’ technical demands

FidaWare is based on the latest technology and solutions. It can easily be used in combination with the customer’s other systems and modified to meet future challenges.


FidaWare can easily be integrated with the leading ERP systems. Possible integration methods include XML data transfer and use of internal communications systems.

FidaWare can also be integrated into automation and production control systems, with, for example, an OPC server used as an interface.

Furthermore, FidaWare supports various electronic freight document services, such as Unifaun, and the Web-based LOGY numbering system. The system also supports EDI messages.

Speech control

FidaWare WMS supports speech control, using either a separate terminal device or a microphone unit connected to the standard hand-held terminal.

Speech control is particularly useful when workers are performing work that involves both hands.

Terminal devices

The terminal device is chosen to suit the application involved. Selection criteria include usability, environment, and cost factors.

FidaWare supports the following devices, among others:

– TruckPC onboard computers
– Tablets
– PDAs
– Fixed workstations
– Speech-control devices

Identification technology

FidaWare uses barcode systems to allocate positions for goods in the warehouse. The system generates printouts that comply with the GS1 standard, including, for example, SSCCs. It also supports RFID tags.