Lean System MOM

When it comes to material and resource efficiency, an improvement of even a single percentage point can have a significant impact on the financial result of your company. Roima’s Lean System MOM has been developed with special focus on usability to meet the needs for improving production efficiency and increasing productivity.

Improving production efficiency and increasing productivity

Lean System MOM facilitates the quick execution of orders on the shop floor. In addition, it adds transparency to the different stages of the supply chain. With the help of visual production planning (Advanced Planning and Scheduling, APS) and paperless manufacturing execution (MES), you can reduce duplicate work and waste of time, shortening lead times and reducing production costs, as resources and materials are put to more efficient use.

Due to ever-stricter quality requirements, customers need tracing data and material certificates as a part of product deliveries. Lean System MOM collects quality and tracing data into a real-time digital quality database directly from production, as a natural part of the production process. This makes data queries for various purposes quick and efficient and helps to minimize human errors.

graphical overview of MOMLean System MOM can be extended according to your unique needs, for example, with production Andon displays, IoT-based collection of production equipment data, OEE calculation and reporting, and material flow management.

Combined with Lean System ERP’s comprehensive enterprise resource planning features, you can avoid integrations and data transfers between separate systems. This makes the information management of the entire company’s production and operations quick and transparent.

Let’s together select the right modules for a system that perfectly meets the needs of your unique company!

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