What makes us different?

Without a strong philosophy behind Lean System, it would be all too easy to get lost in all the technology and features. Instead, we have three strong pillars to build our product on.

Lean System is about breaking the barriers – between human and machine, between the future and present, between you and your data.

Projects and manufacturing

Conquer the complexity
Don’t let the almost infinite variables of product manufacturing distract you.

Recurring production

Stay one step ahead
Tackle the changes in demand, availability and many other factors in standardized production.

Service and maintenance

Serve beyond expectations
Optimized, well-documented maintenance work for the field and factory.

Customer case

Global or local – where’s the difference?

“Lean System intensifies production and resource planning as well as management of material flows at Carrus Delta, a company specializing in bus body production.”

Harri Varjonen
Carrus Delta

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