See further and wider

Contrary to popular sayings, ”now” may not be the moment that you need to pay the most attention to. ”Here” isn’t always the place that’s the most important, either. We help you see the big picture, deeper and far into the vital processes. 

Break the barriers

We are out to close the gap between the machine and human mind. We are fighting back against overgrown software, inflexible processes and business decisions made on blind faith.

Keep it human

Even the biggest productions have to be easily understood, managed according to prevailing conditions and changed when needed. Software has to make work easier, not more complex. 




See the future

  • Predict variations in production volume
  • Simulate unexpected occurrences
  • Recognize the bottlenecks
  • React to changes before they take place in production



Boost your business

  • Shorter throughput times
  • Optimized use of the available resources
  • Understanding of processes and deviations from it
  • Adjustable for your changing business needs




Get the best our of human expertise

  • Make it easier to understand complex processes and the changes made to them.
  • Relevant information visualized
  • Harness the software to serve you, not vice versa.
  • Utilization of informal information


Ready to make the call?

Manufacturing of goods represents an infinite number of variables and interwoven supply chains. Contact us to conquer the complexity with Lean System!


Kristo Turunen
Head of Sales
p. +358 40 536 7637