The Lean System Tools

How we make it happen

See the big picture

Get the data you need for making informed decisions.


  • Necessary information at a glance
  • Better decisions based on holistic view

React faster

Serve better by being able to response faster


  • See when and what action to take
  • See the results of your decisions at once

Increase throughput

Roima Lean System provides you with tools for producing more.


  • Optimized production plans
  • Shorter lead times


Lean System: How to predict processes



How to predict processes

  • Manage both blue- and white-collar processes
  • Visualize processes and bring up areas needing attention
  • Early warnings about possible future problems
  • Combine accurate and uncertain data

Lean System: Tools that fit the job



Tools that fit the job

  • Mobile work seamlessly integrated to processes
  • Tools that lead to efficient resource utilization
  • Relevant information from data sources
  • Make decisions based on facts


Lean System: Visualising exceptions



Visualising exceptions

  • A clearly illustrated image of each situation
  • Simplifies communication and helps decision-making processess
  • Visual clarity, immedeate response and simulation speed up planning
  • Masses of data consolidated and presented as simple, multidimensional, colourful and highly visual graphics

What’s your business?

Lean System is made of building blocks that best match the needs of your business. With custom tools, you don’t need to force your processes to fit your ERP but the other way around.

Kristo Turunen
Head of Sales
p. +358 40 536 7637