Lean System for Recurring production

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Standardized production can only be called such if the production conditions are kept steady. But demand for the product varies, as does the availability of materials and a wide variety of other factors.

The standard product can only be churned out with efficiency if all the factors are taken into account and changes in them can be handled.

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If your business involves…

  • Manufacturing of standardized products in varying volumes
  • Industry segments such as food & beverage, chemical industry, electronics, packaging, metal processing…

….with us you can produce more with less by:

  • Joining human expertise and algorithmic calculations and analysis
  • Automating routines and using visualized exceptions for decision making
  • Being aware and optimizing the use of bottlenecks in the operations
  • Having a better grip and deeper understanding of multilevel production hierarchy
  • Enabling different steering methods (make-to-stock, make-to-order…)



Recurring production with Lean System

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Optimal use of capacity and HR resources with Lean System

Refe_Orkla“Manufacturing about 250 different finished and 290 semi-finished products in even three shifts and on dozens of manufacturing lines requires accurate production planning. Lean System ensures optimal capacity for every production line, and also helps in the planning of HR resources.”

Anne Pulkkinen
Software specialist,
Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland Ab



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