Lean System for Service and maintenance

Serve beyond expectations

Service and maintenance is not tied to location or time, it takes place almost randomly in the field, across towns and even countries. But the business is changing rapidly: sensors and IoT mesh networking enables more accurate predictions and early warnings.

We make sure all working hours are used efficiently and in the right tasks, handling both pre-planned contractual routines, IoT-based triggers and service emergencies.

Service and maintenance

If your business involves…

  • Handling adhoc customer needs
  • Automation of service and maintenance routines and contracts
  • Efficient mobility and handling documents on the move

….with us you can

  • Use resources more efficiently
  • Manage service & maintenance contracts
  • Enable mobile on-site use of materials, time reporting and billing
  • Automate common routines

Customer case

Lean System helps Transtech in the field and in the factory

“Lean System ensures that the correct spare parts and resources can be put to use at the correct time. We can use Lean System anywhere, from factory work to servicing in the field.”

Kai Hermonen,

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