Improve quality and increase performance

Machine vison and more broadly smart measurements improve quality and increase performance. These solutions enable new functions and reduce quality control expenditure. Machine vision is a tireless and unerring worker. Improved quality and job satisfaction have far reaching effects on customer satisfaction.

Roima is a leading supplier of machine vision systems

We satisfy our customers measuring and quality control needs and develop new instrument solutions together with them. We always focus on the relevant – what brings the most financial gain and quickest return.

We base our project execution on our long experience of industrial solutions and machine vision instruments. We use commercial machine vision libraries, off the shelf smart camera platforms and the possibilities of open source code in our solutions. We deliver projects from small single measurement stations to large instrument solutions. If needed, we will take part in maintenance and further development of these systems. Below are some of the software and hardware suppliers we have worked with, as well as some of our projects.

Software and hardware suppliers

Beckhoff is a rapidly growing international supplier of open automation systems whose solutions rely on PC based controls. Roima is one of the few Finnish Beckhoff partners and we use their solutions especially in machine vision projects.

Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading machine vision systems, software and code reader vendors. Of their portfolio Roima has worked with their smart cameras which we have used in several measurement and reading solutions.

MVTec Software GmbH is the world’s leading developer of machine vision software. Their best known product is the machine vision library Halcon. Halcon offers a broad scope of possibilities to quality control and measurements, both in traditional and quickly evolving 3D solutions. Roima is the only certified MVTec integration partner in Finland.

SICK – one of the world’s leading instrument and instrument solution manufacturers for industrial applications. SICK is the technology and market leader in technology and logistics automation as well as process automation. Roima has been working with SICK’s 3D camera solutions and optical instruments.

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