Next April, it will be five years since the first session of the MESA International GEP was organized in Helsinki by Roima Intelligence (then Delta-Enterprise). At the GEP session, 16 enthusiastic participants, half of them from the hosting company, worked hard to learn more about Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and to receive a MES/MOM Methodologies certificate. 

The MESA Global Education Program instructs manufacturers, producers and solution providers on how to marry the power of modern IT and the process/project rigor to implement them with your operational expertise to unlock the potential within operations.

Participants from 35 organizations

Since that first time in April 2013, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to instruct another 6 GEP sessions in Finland. In total, 124 representatives from approximately 35 Finnish companies, mostly manufacturers, participated in the sessions and obtained new knowledge and insights on how to leverage modern IT to improve their operational performance. And all were invited by Roima, who hosted all these sessions.

Change is a constant in life, and it certainly is that in manufacturing. Organizations need to get ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0 – and the associated new enabled capabilities, business processes, automation & integration strategies, and business models. Knowledge and understanding of how to leverage the new “smart” approaches and technologies are critical to manufacturers. It is important to understand that you cannot escape from the changes brought by the fourth Industrial Revolution. It is not just another option.

Therefore, Roima and the 35 other participating Finnish companies made an excellent choice letting their employees participate in the MESA GEP sessions.

Smart manufacturing isn’t so smart without smart, educated people!

An important key for success is the alignment between the operational processes, the organization, the people’s skill sets, and the enabling and supporting technologies, including IT. How to do this is exactly what is included in the MESA education program.

Picture of Jan Snoeij

Jan Snoeij

Going back to basics and keeping it simple can be the start of great achievements. The manufacturing industry is changing. Talk of Big Data, the Internet of Things, the Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, etc. – it is all very exciting, but is it actually real? One thing is for sure: manufacturing organizations will not become self-organizing without achieving manufacturing excellence by utilizing MOM/MES first. Thus, manufacturers/producers and solution providers alike have a good reason to attend these programs. I am looking forward to meeting you at the next MESA GEP session in Helsinki on April 16–17, 2018.

Initially, I was only involved as an instructor, hired by the Manufacturing Operations Management Institute who are delivering the GEP on behalf of MESA International. Currently, as the president (and still instructor) of MOMi, I highly value the efforts of the Roima team. There is no other company so actively involved in arranging MESA education sessions and thus creating the opportunity to educate their own people and, even more importantly, to share this with their Finnish friends.

It has been and still is a great pleasure to work with the Roima team in organizing these educational sessions. Thank you for your outstanding support for MESA education in Finland during the past five years. Let’s head for the next five!

Jan Snoeij
President and Senior Business Consultant
Manufacturing Operations Management Institute