“If you want to be the best, only work with the best”

Tuesday May 30, we had the pleasure of spending a very rewarding morning together with our clients at Tampere Hall, where the Manufacturing Performance Days 2017 offered an excellent framework for Roima’s own special event as well. Inspired by our extensive experience, the title of our seminar was “Learnings of the Most Competitive Industries”.

The morning was opened by our very own CEO Jukka Ropponen, who told the audience about Roima’s mighty mission: we want to preserve and maintain the vitality and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in Europe. The values we are familiar with, namely ethical manufacturing and the cleanliness of production, are globally important matters that should be promoted. In fulfilling this mission, digitalization and automation play the key role – we help our clients to tap into these opportunities to enhance their processes all the way from product planning to manufacturing and warehousing.

Digitalization creates new business opportunities

Tomi Kankainen FastemsThe first keynote speaker of the day was Tomi Kankainen of Fastems. The business of the company is best described by flexible automation systems, robotics, digitalization and the Industrial Internet. Fastems is a company that truly lives up to its teachings. A case in point is Kankainen ’s role in the company; he is the company’s CDO, Chief Digital Officer. That is a role still surprisingly rare in today’s companies.

Through some excellent examples, Kankainen shed light to what digitalization means and how it has already permanently changed business life. After hearing the presentation, it is easy to be convinced that companies in the manufacturing industry, too, should strengthen their workforce with a competent CDO.

Panel discussions opened up new perspectives across industries

Roima’s extensive experience and in-depth competence both in the machine shop processes of the technology industry and in the Food & Beverage industry sparked the idea of bringing up learnings from different industries. To do this, we decided to organize panel discussions on related topics.


Food and Beve panelists

The panel discussion was introduced by Taisto Pitkänen (left), and as Roima’s specialists we saw Antti Varis and Miikka Paananen.

The first panel discussion was introduced by Taisto Pitkänen, who already has a 40-year-long career behind him in food & beverage industry. Pitkänen has served as the head factory for a long time, and at the panel discussion, we got to hear an extremely convincing presentation on the measures taken at the factory over the years and on their effects. According to Pitkänen, continuous improvement is crucial to maintain the profitability of manufacturing operations in Finland. The competitiveness and productivity of the factory has been developed to its full potential not only with the help of good tools but also by listening to people. Good tools and committed personnel as well as the possibility to have an influence at work are important to generate initiatives to increase work efficiency. This can also be perceived as better occupational health, which in turn contributes to increasing the competitiveness of the entire company.

Panelists behind the table

The introducer of the second panel discussion was Pasi Rannus (left), and as Roima’s specialists were heard Olli Kanerva and Sampo Reivilä. Jukka Salovaara served as the moderator.

The framework for the second panel discussion was formed by a true success story in the field of car manufacturing, namely Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki car factory. Pasi Rannus, Senior Vice President of the manufacturing business line at Valmet Automotive, explained why a world-class car manufacturer also succeeds in Finland. In a state-of-the-art production plant, utilization of automation is naturally of paramount importance; at Valmet Automotive, the numbers of both robots and competent manufacturing personnel are growing hand in hand. Continuous improvement is an obvious mode of operation at the car factory as well. However, great success can only be achieved through effective collaboration, which is why companies should select their partners with great care and only work with the number ones. “If you want to be the best, only work with the best” is a direct citation from the presentation of Rannus.

Customer feedback spurred Vaisala to improve their delivery reliability

Vesa Pylvänäinen, VaisalaLast but not least, we had the pleasure of hearing about the management a global partner network at Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Vesa Pylvänäinen, the head of Vaisala’s Operations unit, told how the company has made efforts to serve their customers quickly and punctually, motivated by customer feedback. Vaisala’s products are characterized by high requirements for reliability. The products can be configured almost unlimitedly and the end product is defined by the customer order, which is why the company does not keep a stock of finished goods. Today, the company’s delivery reliability and speed are praised by the customers and differentiate the company from its competitors in a positive way. The aim is that a device manufactured today will be at the customer’s premises already tomorrow – globally, as up to 98% of the products are exported.

A guarantee for the high quality of the Vaisala’s technologies and the basis for scalable operations is a lean-minded standardized mode of operation and motivated personnel who enjoy what they are doing.