This year’s Nordic Business Forum saw a wide range of interesting, thought-provoking presentations on responsibility, purpose and leadership. Roima participated in the event with our customers and partners. So what were the most memorable points? Here we’d like to share a couple of highlights with you.

Blue-collar jobs are returning as white-collar jobs

Stéphane Garelli gave an eloquent presentation on the development of world economy. One of his messages was that industrial blue-collar jobs which have been lost to low-cost countries will partly return as white-collar jobs. This requires yet new type of thinking and adaptability from companies and societies alike.

We are already late when it comes to climate change

James Hansen argued compellingly that the future of climate change and its consequences has already been written. We have already changed the climate irreversibly. Climate change will affect societies and companies dramatically. Responsibility as well as energy and carbon dioxide efficiency will be included in every company’s agenda in one way or another.


Trust is the foundation for everything

In his presentation, Patrick Lencioni argued that there are two requirements for success in business: Smart and Healthy. According to Lencioni, companies should pay much more attention to the “Healthy” side of the equation, that is, to the health of teams and organization – to performance. The prerequisite for good performance is “vulnerability-based trust”, which enables healthy, forward-driving questioning, commitment, responsibility and especially results orientation.





Listen more than you talk!

Sir Richard Branson – simply an amazing person. Need one say more?

Sir Richard Branson at Nordic Business Forum 2017