We at Roima are specialized in boosting the competitiveness of industry and improving the transparency of information. That is why we always need to keep abreast of the times. To do that, we utilize the most cutting-edge technologies and establish long-lasting partnerships, which will help us fulfil our own goal of serving our clients better than ever before.

One of the partnerships that truly add value to our clients is with OSIsoft. We are very pleased and proud to say that Roima is the first and only OSIsoft partner in Finland. OSIsoft PI System can be used to collect, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources across all operations. The PI System is now deployed in over 19,000 sites globally, and has helped leading companies achieve significant improvements in their operational efficiency and achieve breakthroughs in the metals and mining industry, oil and gas industry, power plants, paper industry and pharmaceutical industry alike.

A unique offering for Roima’s clients

Sampo Reivilä photo

“OSIsoft partnership complements our unique offering”, says Sampo Reivilä, Lead Consultant at Roima Intelligence

Roima has extensive experience and expertise of the PI System and, over the years, our professionals have executed numerous PI System implementations for our clients. Last year, we expanded our OSIsoft team by organizing two one-week PI System trainings in cooperation with our clients. The OSIsoft team strengthens the know-how of Roima’s Industrial Solutions unit by further extending our knowledge of different technologies and processes.

With OSIsoft’s global network, Roima’s own operating area is growing as well. We now enjoy international support and cooperation of software users – an opportunity which we will embrace and take advantage of to provide high-quality services to our own clients.

From its partners, OSIsoft requires a high level of expertise of technologies, PI System sales and existing implementations. As OSIsoft’s only Finnish partner, we at Roima can help OSIsoft to gain more visibility and a firm foothold in the Finnish market as well as in other Nordic countries.