Aiming for the optimal material flow

As the production volumes and the number of product variants increase, optimizing the movement of material and the use of space become ever more essential. Every mistake, delay and unnecessary touch cause fractions in the material flow and, eventually, have a detrimental effect on customer experience. Modern logistics solutions improve productivity and enable a healthy working environment and varying work tasks.

Automation and intelligent logistics systems that increase efficiency and reduce errors require strong information management and process understanding. More and more of the work in logistics is knowledge work. Systems support the changing processes and facilitate people’s everyday work. A sustainable competitive edge in efficiency can only be achieved through a culture of continuous improvement that aims for a perfectly smooth material flow.

Customer cases



“Roima is not only a partner but an elemental part of our plant.”

Pasi Rannus, Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Valmet Automotive



“It is hard to see how we could now cope without this type of a tool and centralized system.”

Hannu Pääkkönen, CIO, Paroc Group

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