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Manufacturing products involves a great amount of product information which begins to emerge already at the designing phases of a product. To ensure that the operation is smooth and efficient, information must be transparent across the organization and available to those who need it. The product and all the related information must be managed efficiently throughout the entire product lifecycle – even after the product is taken out of use. Aton is a solution developed by Roima for product information management and product lifecycle management (PLM). Product engineers manage CAD files and drawings easily with CAD Addin that works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS designing program. Roima’s CodeMaster developed for commercial product information management (PIM) supports the realization of your company’s sales and marketing goals.

For almost 30 years, Roima’s solutions have served the needs of companies from small Finnish enterprises to big international corporations. When you want to manage the data related to items, product structures, documents, components, and product individuals and engineering changes delivered to the customer, you Roima provides the right solutions for you!


Aton is a solution developed by Roima for product information management and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It improves the quality of your products and services by ensuring that your product information manageable and accurate. Aton has been and is continuously developed together with our customer companies to ensure that it meets the actual needs of companies.


CodeMaster is a software for controlling, managing and publishing commercial item and product data effortlessly and efficiently. You can publish product data, for example, as product catalogues or on your website help your customers’ purchase decisions.

CAD file management

Technical product data is a key to managing the entire product lifecycle. Items, item structures, products, and serial numbers, as well as other related product information form the foundation for product management. Roima’s Aton CAD Addin also enhances the cooperation of product engineers.

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