Unleash the full potential of your business

Whether you need solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Operations Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Machine Vision or Intralogistics, or the related needs assessment and process consultation, Roima is your choice!

Our comprehensive product portfolio and extensive expertise cover all these areas. We have developed our products to meet real-life needs together with our customers. Our products represent cutting edge in their fields and are the choice of various successful companies both in Finland and abroad.

We have helped our customers create new business models, improve customer service, boost production, enhance quality, and much more. Roima products are the backbone of our solution concepts; by intelligently using them, our experienced industry experts can create a solution that best serves the unique needs of your company.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Increase efficiency through agile enterprise resource planning

Roima Lean System is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for environments that require flexibility and speed. Our goal is to break down all silos and barriers – between human and machine, between the current and the future, and between you and the information you need.

Operations Management (MOM, MES)

Boost your performance with scalable solutions

Our operations management solutions help you boost your performance, delivery reliability and efficiency, as well as reduce costs incurred by waste. With our solutions, you can quickly react to all changes in production. Simultaneously, you can build trust with your customers by offering them detailed information on the origins of your products and raw materials.

Product management (PLM, PIM)

Save, manage and share information efficiently

Manufacturing involves a great amount of product information which begins to emerge already at the designing phases of a product. The product and all the related information must be managed efficiently throughout the entire product lifecycle – even after the product is taken out of use. Ensure that all information related to your products are stored in a safe place and available for all who need it in a controlled way – learn more about Roima’s Aton solution!

Intralogistics (WMS)

Improve quality through efficiency and accuracy

To make and keep your business profitable, you need the support of efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations. We can help you – Roima is Finland’s most experienced developer and supplier of intralogistics solutions. The FidaWare WMS projects we have delivered have shown that an investment in a WMS software pays for itself even in less than a year.

Machine Vision

Improve quality and increase performance

Machine vison and more broadly smart measurements improve quality and increase performance. These solutions enable new functions and reduce quality control expenditure. Machine vision is a tireless and unerring worker. Improved quality and job satisfaction have far reaching effects on customer satisfaction.

Roima Cloud

Harness the power of your network through a shared system

Networked companies need flexible solutions for the efficient and timely control of their business across the entire production and supply network. When everything from product planning and manufacturing to the sales, warehousing, timely delivery and quality assurance is running smoothly, both you and the end customer will benefit.

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