Excellent Products and Efficient Production

High levels of customer satisfaction, uncompromising quality and absolute product safety are the foundations of a successful food company. In addition to these requirements, the production costs must be competitive to be able to stand up to international competition.

These qualities enable a company to increase its market share without compromising its profitability – even when others in the industry are finding the going tough.

Customer satisfaction, traceability and cost effectiviness rely on data

At the heart of a smart food production operation is accurate and timely data. This data helps achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness and automatic traceability.

Customer satisfaction is about keeping promises and meeting expectations. Sales and purchasing can best do their jobs when they have a real time view of production and inventory. Meeting delivery schedules and being able to adapt quickly make your company a pleasant partner to work with.

Economic efficiency comes from an effective management of production capacity, inventory optimization and the right production decisions. It is easy to make the right decisions when the time saved from reporting and data collection can be used for production and process planning.

Quality by Measurement

Good quality is assured by uncompromising quality control. A food product must correspond to its label, be safe for the customer and not contain anything not supposed to be in the package. At worst a flawed product may jeopardize a customer’s health. At its least a flaw in quality will result in damaged reputation for the manufacturer, which will take time and money to repair.

The first step in improving quality is recognizing the anomalies. In a fast production environment this is best done by machine. A camera will be able to monitor the production line tirelessly every day.

The second stage of quality measurements is fixing the problems found and reducing waste. This is based on accurate metrics which allow the corrective actions to be taken in the right places.


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