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Apetit reduced their root vegetable process water usage at their Säkylä plant by a fifth

Apetit Oyj is a food company whose mission is to offer consumers healthy and tasty food products made with local ingredients. The Group’s business areas are frozen foods, fish, cereal and oil plants and other functions.

The waste water from the process is a burden on both the environment and the purse. Now all of the factory’s waste water is processed at the Säkylä factory’s treatment plant.

The waste water from processing root vegetables is displayed to the employees in graphically in numbers and colors. This guides the workers to adjust the water consumption to correct levels. Previously only foremen tracked water consumption on a daily basis. In addition to the monitoring system Apetit also trained their staff and went over the root vegetable processes equipment.

The Säkylä plant’s water consumption was reduced by 18% annually. The amounts can imagined by thinking of a football pitch with a column of water 23 meters high on top of it. Due to the new measures this column was reduced by 6 meters.

The benefit from this comes from the reduction in waste water. The plant uses 150 000 cubic meters of water annually, all of which has to be treated after use. The advantage gained at the Säkylä plant’s waste water treatment facility is both ecological and financial.

”This project must be considered a success. The whole implementation was based on diligent preparatory analysis which laid the foundation for the environmental, IT and business objectives. All the agreed objectives were also reached”, says Apetit’s ICT Director Jari Varjo.

”The commissioning of the system went smoothly. The system was operational right out of the box”, muses production manager Jorma Itäluoma.

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