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Automatic traceability saves labor and makes sales to large retail chains possible.

The family bakery Oy E. Boström Ab from Pohjanmaa region in Finland manufactures pastry products for both domestic and export markets. Boström is the market leader in Swiss rolls in both Sweden and Finland.

The demand for Boström’s products was increasing but their manual documentation and production planning could not respond to the growing demands. The bakery purchased a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System from Roima which automated the documentation necessary for their products traceability and enabled a more efficient allocation of their production resources. Due to the improved system the bakery could build a second production line and double their production capacity.

The raw materials and packaking used during the production are automatically deducted from the inventory. The finished products are automatically added to the shipping inventory. Both purchasing and sales can see their inventories in real time. Simultaneously the system documents all required aspects of the production and thus the bakery is able to meet the traceability demands of big retail chains.

Upon completion of the secnd production line the bakery will have one dough facility and two production lines. Production scheduling permits planning the production so that both production lines can be run at high efficiency without unnecessary stoppages.

”We built this system with Roima using common sense. The purchasing parts of the system are planned with the purchasing department and the production parts with the production team. All of our staff uses this user friendly system.” – Managing Director, Annika Boström.

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