snellman case

Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy is a family owned company from Pietarsaari who have produced high quality meats and cold cuts for 60 years. Snellman has seen consumer trends come and go in their 60 years, but quality is the one thing that they will never change.

The machines needed in Snellman’s production are automatic but did not interact optimally. Additionally, human errors were a factor in manual operations and productivity had room for improvement. The core idea at Snellman was to bring production planning to the factory floor and increase production capacity by improving the production line’s efficiency.

Roima automatized the process as far as possible. Previously, every machine on the line had to be adjusted separately whenever the line’s product was changed. Now the change can be done through a single console on the production line. The chance for human error is removed by transferring the necessary settings to the machines automatically in only fractions of a second.

Snellman achieved seamless integration for its machines. Automation guarantees the production line’s efficiency and eliminates human error to a minimum. It also enables Snellman a real time production control and better tools for quality control and scheduling.

”We needed more capacity for our minced meat production. We decided to improve the efficiency of our old minced meat line and purchase a new line too. As there can be over ten different machines on a single line, we need to make them work together efficiently”, says technical manager Markus Snellman.

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