Spare part warehouse management

”The new solution helps us to grow in a controlled manner while improving the efficiency and quality of our operations.” Jussi-Pekka Hoskari, Director of Production, Vindea Oy


vindeaVindea Oy specialises in logistics for the engineering industry and high-profile industrial packaging. The company offers comprehensive solution packages and also individual logistics services tailored to special needs.

Among other duties, Vindea Oyj is responsible for spare part warehouse logistics and delivery reliability at Cargotec Oyj’s logistics centre in Tampere.

The initial situation

”Our rapid expansion and stricter quality requirements from our customers motivated us to search for an operations control system,” Production Director Jussi-Pekka Hoskari outlines Vindea’s initial situation. ”After charting the alternatives available, we decided on Roima’s FidaWare WMS software.”

As the main factors in this choice he names DSS’s extensive experience, strong references, and the versatile features offered by FidaWare. Additional factors included upgradability, ease of use, and effortless communication.

Hoskari confirms: ”An important element was the readiness of the DSS representatives to discuss our business processes and needs on different levels of our organisation. After all, these processes are the sole reason for acquisition of a new IT system.”

The solution

FidaWare WMS manages the operations of Cargotec’s spare part warehouse on the premises of Vindea’s logistics centre. The FidaWare software is integrated with Cargotec’s SAP ERP system, which supplies the basic control data. On the shop floor level, FidaWare guides reception, shelving, inventory, order-picking, and shipping. The FidaWare user interfaces and functions are adapted to the practices defined by Vindea and Cargotec.


To make Vindea’s supply chain more transparent, the FidaWare solution features a special labelling application that facilitates the monitoring of individual products and improves traceability.

Real-time data on locations and quantities of spare parts speeds up warehouse operations, resulting in considerably more efficient work flows and data flows. Furthermore, routine reporting tasks have never been easier.

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