Achieving the impossible

Planks machined following the wood’s grain make for a floor that is certainly different from your neighbor’s. Bolefloors product is something unique. Skilled carpenters have made similar products for centuries but now it is possible to do this industrially.

Roima developed Bolefloor a system which measures and identifies the features on a raw plank and stores these in a database. When a customer orders a floor it is composed from the inventory one plank at a time. When all necessary wood has been collected, a CNC machine will do the rest. The finished product is an unbelievably beautiful floor manufactured quickly and without the expense of manual labor.

Roimas’s system enabled Bolefloor’s dream of manufacturing unique floors from unique materials on an industrial scale. The system uses natural forms and as a result the wastage can be reduced by up to 25% compared to traditional floor manufacturing. The end result is pleasing to the eye and the environment.

”This system does exactly what we need. It made producing these kinds of floors on an industrial scale possible. Without this kind of technology our business model would not be viable. Whereas before we needed a week’s labor from several carpenters to make 100 m2 of floor, now one man can do it in a day”, says Partner and Development Director Hannes Tarn.

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