online business needs correct product information

Kirami, the biggest hot tub manufacturer in Europe, wanted to launch an online store. So, a product data management solution had to be found fast.

kirami_449_brandikuva_web”We were creating a website for spare parts, accessories and tub equipment. We were pondering the platform for our store and we decided on MyCashFlow.  Roima’s Product Manament specialists offered us the CodeMaster solution for our product data management needs. We integrated our existing invoicing system with the new online store system”, describes Eero Rantanen, CIO of Kirami.

CodeMaster helps employees retrieve, not only more, but also more accurate product-related information from a single location.

Product information can be found in the system in several languages and when users import new information into the system, it is easy for them to distribute it through all the different channels at the same time.

Each product has its own product ID number, category and product group. Any product can be traced thanks to product-specific identification. Sales activities become easier as well, because the product is always associated with the correct accessories and value-added products, all of which are already determined in the system.

According to Eero Rantanen, CodeMaster was easy to implement. The creation of the website and the implementation of the new system only took a few months.

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