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Our previous skepticism towards machine vision systems has been lifted. – Roima has exceeded our expectations in delivering quality control systems and suggesting additional solutions we didn’t even know to ask. We have given Roima some pretty difficult challenges, but the response and service has been exceptional. Christian Eriksson, Production Manager

kosketinkiskot nordic aluminiumQuality is of key importance in Nordic Aluminium’s products. No visual defects are allowed in the three visible sides, incorrect products are not tolerated in customer deliveries and product safety must be guaranteed. Roima has implemented two critical machine vision systems as part of the production line. The first one inspects the product for any visual defects on three sides. The second one is monitoring even the slightest change in profile shape to catch any ill-shaped products before they are packed away for customer deliveries.

Roima’s solutions have enabled more efficient running of the production line. Manual inspection or stopping of the line in case of an error are not needed anymore. In addition, Roima has integrated the product-wise laser marker control as part of their system to further minimize human error.

Nordic Aluminium designs, manufactures, markets and distributes lighting tracks and components for lighting and electrotechnical industry.

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