Beneq knows what has been delivered

Established in 2005 and based in Vantaa, Beneq Oy has been an astounding success story. beneq_logo_musta_291x78The company designs and manufactures coating equipment based on nanotechnology and has nearly doubled its turnover each year. In 2008, Beneq won the title of best young growth company in the Future Winners competition arranged by Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland. Beneq was also awarded the Internationalization Award by the President of the Republic of Finland. Venture capitalists also have strong faith in Beneq’s future – the investors include Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, the Danish capital investment fund Via Venture Partners and the Russian government-owned investment company Rusnano, which entrusted Beneq with a handsome 25-million-euro investment.

Aiming High from the Start

jpJari-Pekka Tiesmäki is the Chief Operations Officer at Beneq Oy and one of the three founding partners. He has a clear view of what the company’s success is based on. “First and foremost, we have a great team. In the beginning, we had an excellent core team of ten. Since then, we have built the company moderately and succeeded in recruiting more good people. The awards we have received have helped us build a good reputation, which has made recruiting easier. New experts have come to us mainly through our networks,” Mr Tiesmäki relates.

Having established Beneq Oy as a spinoff from Nextrom Oy in 2005, the three founding partners immediately set out to pursue brisk growth and international success. They did not hide their light under a bushel and collectively decided to become the best in the field.

“Our plan was to build a big business. We set the objective of being a hundred-million euro business in the future. We have not lost sight of that goal. We, the founding partners, came from a roughly 300-million-euro company from which we adopted our operational model. From the very beginning, everything has been built around the operational modes of a company employing 400–500 people – on a slightly smaller scale, naturally, and as far as applicable.”

Down to the Last Nut and Bolt

Another idea inherited from a big company is that tiny new Beneq made the decision to invest in proper information management systems from its inception. Mr Tiesmäki and his partners were already familiar with Aton PDM system from their time at Nextrom. This well-tried system has always been an important tool in Beneq’s electronic and mechanical engineering Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki’s answer as to the importance of the Aton PDM system for Beneq says it all:
“It is nothing short of vital! Our entire backbone is in that system. If we were to lose that information, the company would go under in six months. The system is everything – well, maybe not exactly everything, but it does contain everything pertaining to the equipment and technologies as well as sales.”
“Due to a functional product data management system, we always know exactly what has been delivered to each customer. The engineering and manufacture of the equipment is also managed with the system, down to the very last nut and bolt. The equipment simply could not be built or designed without such a system. Quite literally speaking, every single nut and bolt has been entered into the system by their individual codes. When we start making the next piece of equipment, we do not need to start from the basics,” Mr Tiesmäki explains.

The Alternative is Chaos

As you may have concluded from the above, Jari-Pekka Tiesmäki’s message for companies considering the purchase of this kind of system is clear.
“You absolutely should invest in a system like this. Any company that is serious about doing business should have a proper document and product data management system. Without one, the end result is sheer chaos. I would not invest one cent in a business that does not have these systems in place.”

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