teboil case

Automating the terminal areas access control, loading plans and reporting produces accurate real time information about events at Teboil’s Hamina loading terminal.

Oy Teboil Ab is a full service oil vendor who markets, sells and supplies oil and energy products and also runs a chain of service stations in Finland.

In a liquid fuel distribution terminal access control and fuel feeding systems must be reliable. Possible human errors or misuse can cause serious environmental, fire or explosion damage.

The access control system supplied by Roima monitors the movements of vehicles and drivers in the terminal area. The loading planning system prevents making incorrect plans as well as to optimize the loading. The loading planning software oversees the loading process and it is impossible to load cargoes that are not planned in the system. As soon as the loads are ready, they are reported automatically to headquarters.

The automated system prevents unauthorized vehicles and person from entering the premises, verifies that the loading plan is correct and enables only the planned loadings to proceed. The easy to use interfaces speed up the driver’s planning process and the real time transfer of reports reduce the amount of manual labor and the potential for human error.

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