Valmet Fabrics is a leading manufacturer of technical fabrics with decades of international operating experience. Valmet and her products are known globally as technology leaders.

Valmet’s challenge was the variation in the quality of the yarns used in paper machine’s belt production, casting control and measuring the finished products at Valmet and at customer’s factories.

Roima supplied Valmet with a yarn quality measurement system. With the aid of this system, weaker quality fibers can be detected and removed from the process before they end up in the finished product. Also the quality control system overseeing the casting and final inspection camera monitoring comes from Roima’s experts.

A mobile instrument has been developed for the finished products to help sales and maintenance personnel across the world measure the belt’s shape and all important dewatering qualities.

Roima and her products are present at all stages of belt production and its lifecycle. The delivered systems have helped improve quality and the new mobile instruments have brought with them new business opportunities especially by giving accurate and just-on-time information about upcoming belt replacement needs.

”The service was quick and always available. Roima’s experts helped us in commissioning for as long as was necessary”, says Atte Hipp, production engineer from Valmet Fabrics.

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