Increased Turnover with More Efficiency

Offering more efficient systems at a lower cost than your competition is possible when the installation your company offers can be seamlessly integrated into your client’s manufacturing execution system. Integration is also the way to develop your service business, better customer satisfaction and a strong brand.

Integration means real time production information to you customer. The installation you have delivered is no longer an isolated part of the production but delivers information for production optimization, automatic traceability and better customer service from day one of its commissioning.

A correctly implemented integration will not need any manual work at delivery. The same successful solution can be duplicated time after time. To your customer this means smooth commissioning and reduced lifecycle costs.

Manufacturing Execution System as Part of Your Offering

With an integrated delivery of a system the individual parts will result in more utility than a system consisting of individual pieces of hardware and software from different vendors. This will encourage your client to purchase larger system from your company and your brand will be at the top of their list of preferred partners.

Integration enables your company to be better at customer service and service business. Real time information will lift your after sales service to a new level and your company can offer cost effective maintenance services to your clients.

R & D with low risks

You need a knowledgeable partner to develop these kinds of integrations. With such a partner the R & D involved will be cost effective, quick and the lifecycle cost of the maintenance period will be reasonable.

The biggest risks of product development are connected to understanding the customer’s business, choosing the right technologies and a suitable architecture. A competent partner will remove any technology related risks and will implement a solution that best benefits the customer’s business.


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