Enhancing production efficiency and transparency through real time monitoring and control

Valmet Automotive is a leading car design and manufacturing service provider who focuses on premium brands. In 2013 the factory began assembling Mercedes Benz A-models.

Manufacturing execution system is a complicated process as Valmet’s production line has altogether almost 200 robots. Without a comprehensive manufacturing execution system optimizing production and identifying bottlenecks at this scale would be very difficult. Also Daimler, the customer, sets high goals for real time communications and production control.

With the help of a new Manufacturing Execution System the factory can fulfill the customer’s requirements for the transparency, flexibility, traceability and quality control of the manufacturing process. Without the system production control would not be possible at the present capacity.

“Without such an active cooperation and support we couldn’t have carried out the project under such atight schedule.” –Ritva Gregorio, Vice President, Production Control at Valmet Automotive

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