An expedited high quality MES tender process with the help of the Roadmap preliminary report.

Wärtsilä was founded in 1837 and it is a leading international maritime and energy powerplant solution provider. Delivery Centre Vaasa (DCV) is responsible for the production of powerplant and shipboard four stroke motors and their delivery to customers all over the world.

Wärtsilä DCV’s priority was to improve the traceability , quality (First Time Right) and transparency of production data of their engines with the help of a MES system.

The Roadmap preliminary report carried out by Roima focused on the present condition of systems and processes, goals and different options and the possible business benefits that could be obtained with improved traceability, quality and transparency of data. As a result of this independent study the customer obtained the future system’s User Requirement Specification (URS), a comprehensive set of materials for tender invitations and a short list of possible commercial MES platforms.

The Roadmap project gave Wärtsilä DCV the necessary support in choosing the right MES platform. With this system the improved traceability, quality control and transparency support a growing business and improved customer satisfaction in the future.

”As a result of the Roadmap project, Roima produced a comprehensive MES Roadmap documentation using their extensive know-how of all MES related issues. As a result of this extensive report we have not only concrete suggestions of how to proceed but also a comprehensive set of materials for tender invitations that make our project easier to understand for our potential suppliers”, says Wärtsilä DCV’s Project Manager Timo Nuotio.

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