Roima’s competence and expertise touch upon the everyday lives of many Finns who enjoy the products and services of numerous domestic companies, such as the food products of Snellman, the beverages of Altia, or the services of Finnair airlines. Roima helps companies in Finland and Europe stay competitive.

At this very moment, major industrial companies are gathering together at Schneider’s Global Sales & Marketing Event, organized today, January 30, in Anaheim, California. Roima participates in the event as one of Schneider’s key partners.

At the event, Roima is strongly promoting Finnishness and Finnish exports. The visitors to Roima’s booth are treated to various kinds of sweets produced by Finland’s most-valued brand Fazer, including their world-famous Karl Fazer milk chocolate, commonly known as Fazer Blue. The visitors can also take a culinary adventure to the beautiful and pure Finnish nature by enjoying the vivid taste of dried blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries. Moreover, the most adventurous visitors have the opportunity to try salted licorice in various forms…  Speed and atmosphere are guaranteed by this brand-new video, where Roima’s Antti Varis, Otso Saarentaus and Sanna Porola rev up the engine of our customer companies and set out to the world


Roima wishes an inspiring conference to all visitors!

With six offices in Finland and one in the Netherlands, Roima is now growing their MES business beyond Finland to Scandinavia and to the Benelux countries. Roima stands out from the other players in the field through their solid industry expertise, brilliant user experience and cost-efficient model-driven solution model.

Roima is the leading Wonderware Model-Driven MES solution provider and has been listed as one of the most promising technology companies in the world. Roima was also the third company ever to receive the distinguished title of MESA-Recognized Business.

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Roima is Red Herring 100 Global winnerRoima is MESA recognized business