Roima industry expertRoima has invested in three new industry expert positions. We warmly welcome Markus Jaatinen, Jani Säynäväjärvi and Taisto Pitkänen to our growing Roima team!

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of industrial companies and bring manufacturing back to Europe. These new recruitments strengthen Roima’s strategy to help industrial companies succeed through subject matter knowledge and experience.

Markus Jaatinen has extensive experience in equipment manufacturing and operations management. Before Roima, he worked at Bronto Skylift as Operations Director responsible for two factories.

Jani Säynäväjärvi is a highly skilled professional in the field of intralogistics and transportation. Previously, he worked as Logistics Manager responsible for logistics development at Kesko.

Taisto Pitkänen has an outstanding record of operations management systems in the food industry. He has led several brown- and greenfield factory projects. Previously Taisto worked as Factory Director at Fazer.

Roima Intelligence helps industrial companies with their production strategy, operations management systems and product lifecycle solutions. Roima has extensive experience in serving companies in the Food & Beverage industry, equipment manufacturing and process industry.

Markus Jaatinen

Markus Jaatinen, equipment manufacturing industry

Jani Säynäväjärvi

Jani Säynäväjärvi, intralogistics & transportation

Taisto Pitkänen

Taisto Pitkänen, food industry