ROIma – extensive background, experience & roots!

Roima Intelligence Inc. is a fairly new name at the markets, but the company itself and it’s people have deep roots and extensive experience within Finnish manufacturing and logistic industries. What is the story behind ROIma (ROI Machine) brand?

Creation of Roima Intelligence Inc. and ROIma brand

Espoo based private equity company Korona Invest started looking into Finnish manufacturing industry and quickly came to conclusion that there are too many small software and technology companies trying to serve this industry. Based on these findings a plan was formed to create a larger player that would have capabilities & resources to serve even the largest Finnish manufacturing companies at home and also support their overseas operations.

To start the creation of that company, Korona acquired majority ownership at Oy Delta-Enterprise Ltd. in May 2014 and rebranded the company as Roima Intelligence Inc. in December of the same year. At that time the company had 30 employees and 3 million € revenue base.

Since then the company has grown according to plan and Korona has bought 4 new companies under Roima’s umbrella. Done Software Solutions, Lean Forward, Lean System and Modultek have become part of Roima. In June 2016 Roima had 142 employees and 16 million €in revenue providing a solid base for further growth.

The company is now set the way that it has the needed capabilities; manpower, knowledge and experience to serve even the largest Finnish industrial companies and support their international manufacturing and intralogistics projects.

Immediate evidence

Roima is now 2 years old – yet a seasoned professional. The evidence is clear – our plan to serve companies as their Profitability Partner works. Roima has closed several large contracts and started also their implementation. You will find some of these success stories at our website.

Extensive background

Despite the fact that Roima as a brand was born in 2014, it has very deep roots & experience within the Finnish industry. Let’s look at the 5 companies that became Roima Intelligence Inc., and their background.


Operations management business (Lean System)

Large part of today’s business is Lean System that was acquired from Tieto Oyj.

Lean System has its roots at Dialogos-Team Oy that was founded in 1988 as a research spin-off from Helsinki University of Technology. Company launched its first commercial products (planning & scheduling tools, which customers know these days as the Balancer Suite) during 1989-92.

After that company launched its first version of Lean System manufacturing management system which became a tool that covered the whole chain from the order to invoice and from material needs to purchase invoice processes.

Dialogos-Team Oy was acquired by Spontel at 1991 and continued as a part of TKN-Network, the IT brand of Spontel. At 1993 Spontel sold all the TKN-Network to VTKK, including Dialogos-Team Oy. During those years the development of first generation of Lean System was started.

1996 VTTK was merged to current Tieto Corporation (TT-Tieto at that time). At the same time Lean System was dedicated as the only brand and product platform for the business. Lean System is positioned as midsize ERP solution for manufacturing and industrial service industries.

From 1996 to 2015 Lean System has been systematically developed to meet the ever-changing requirements of those midsize industrial companies and in 2013 positioned also as operations management tool. New major releases have been launched annually.

As part of Roima, Lean System platform is currently being developed in all the existing areas, although focusing on the areas of Manufacturing Operations Management and Industrial Service Business. We offer Lean System in Roima’s Tools and Talents under ERPTOOLS.

Service business (Lean Forward)

Lean Forward Oy was founded in 2005 at Tampere to provide additional service for Lean System customers in all aspects of operations management. While Lean Forward as a company has been mainly focused on Lean System and its users, company consultants have also experience and knowledge on other ERP systems like IFS, Digia Enterprise and CGI V-10.

This enables Roima to serve the customers within requirements specification, architecture, technology selection and functional design services. And of course, for successful implementation projects too.

Due to the industrial background of Lean Forward consultants, company has been offering in-depth know-how based services for Lean System users as well as operations management expert, training and development services. Extensive and hands-on expertise in shopfloor operations as well as Sales and Operations Planning and Order-to-Delivery processes gives our customers the answer to the question “How to do and manage it in the system?”.

Intralogistics (Done Software Solutions)

This Seinäjoki based company has its roots all the way back at year 1978 and company called Teknillinen Toimisto Esko Salo Ky that was located at Kauhajoki. Within few years from its birth, Esko Salo expanded its operations and started to deliver turnkey intralogistics systems to international customers also.

Early 90’s Esko Salo employees continued their intralogistics business under Fidaco Logistics Oy. Lot of Roima’s long lasting intralogistics customer relationships were started already at that time and cooperation still continues with many of these customers.

In 2000 Fidaco joined Done Solutions Oyj and company name was changed into Done Logistics. April 2009 Done Solutions changed its name to Revenio Group Oyj. In 2010 Intralogistics Software business changed its name to Done Software Solutions via demerger and started working as an independent company focused on FidaWare products family. FidaWare is now found in Roima’s WMS Tools.

MES Business

The roots of MES business is in Oy Delta-Enterprise Ltd that was founded in 1989 with focus on electrical and mechanical engineering and design. Soon company started providing automation (PLC & SCADA) services, which quickly became the primary business of the company during the 1990s. In-depth automation and equipment integration know-how is still one of the major corner stones of Roima’s added value.

Early 2000 company started to shift its focus to new business areas like industrial IT and Machine Vision solutions. The first tailor made systems were soon followed by the extensive MES solutions that were based on the commercial MES platforms. This started the new era of the company and since those days MES and machine vision solutions have become the businesses for the company. In addition to delivering world-class solutions to customers, the company has also helped its customers for many years with consultancy services, to select the most suitable architectures and technologies to best support customers’ operations.

These solutions are found in Roima’s MOMTOOLS and PARTNERTOOLS.

Product Management

Modultek Oy, founded in 1989, is the most recent acquisition of Roima. In June 2016 Roima received 40 PLM professionals, who are specialized in developing and delivering solutions for item and product data management, as well as master data quality improvement.

Customers are found in manufacturing and technology industries, where technical product data is managed with Modultek’s Aton PLM and SolidPDM solutions. Information created during the product’s life cycle is kept safe and in shared but controlled use in company’s processes: from development all the way to after sales, inside the company and with the desired partners. Product data is linked with most of the company’s operations, so Aton is well integrated to other business systems.

Modultek’s longest customer relationships are as long as the company itself. Customers’ feedback has always reached Modultek’s product development – a reason why company’s products meet customer needs perfectly. As a proof of that, Aton and SolidPDM are long term market leading solutions in Finland (survey by CAD/CAM Association of Finland CCY).

In 2005 Modultek’s customers suggested that Modultek should develop solutions to improve master data quality also. CodeMaster was created to join, sort and classify product’s technical and commercial information, as well as enrich and share it. Modultek was the first company in Finland whose experts were certified ISO 8000 Master Data Managers.

Latest PLM innovation is called Product Information Cloud – a cloud based solution where e.g. manufacturing information is centrally shared with the whole Supply Chain. You will find this and other product management solutions under Roima’s new PLMTOOLS.