In the turn of January and February, Roima received remarkable international visibility at Schneider Electric Software’s global sales and marketing conference in Anaheim, California. Roima was raised to the awareness of several thousand visitors among just five other Wonderware platform supplier companies. In addition to the visibility gained through the presentations, Roima became famous for the delicious Finnish sweets and berries served at our booth.

Los Angeles lightsAnaheim streetsOur internationalization trip started in a laid-back atmosphere already during the weekend before the event, as we, Roima’s trip team Antti and Otso, got to explore the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood together with our Finnish cooperation partner Klinkmann. The day was filled with amazing views, imaginary worlds and tummy-tickling rides seasoned with 3D experiences.

After Universal’s coolest imaginary world, we still had a little time to explore some of the local attractions. We climbed to the Hollywood Hills and the observatory up there and took photos of the beautiful lights of Los Angeles. The walk up to the top was about one kilometer, and on the way, we were warned of snakes, lizards and other creatures of nature.

Roima boothFinland and Finnishness on a pedestal

After the short expedition, it was time to get down to real business. On Monday, we went to buy all the things needed for the exhibition and set up our booth to look like Roima.

In addition, we set the table with the best Finnish treats, and it wasn’t long until Roima’s booth became famous for Fazer‘s Fazer Blue Milk Chocolate and green marmalade jellies (called Green Balls) – and of course, salted licorice! In addition to the sweets, the visitors to Roima’s booth were also offered berries from the pure Finnish nature. Finland and Finnishness thus gained very good visibility at the conference.

Comprehensive conference

Wonderware platformThe conference was very versatile and comprehensive. The presentations provided a really good view of Schneider Electric Software’s offering, which is based on the extremely comprehensive “Industrial Software Platform” idea. The core idea is that with the right platforms and technologies, it is possible to help customers develop their operations throughout the entire product life cycle, from design to service business.

One of the driving forces of the Industrial Software Platform is Wonderware platform and its global ecosystem. If you look at the picture on the right, the Wonderware portfolio covers all the parts at the center, up, down and right, enabling an efficient operative environment for the customer – from farm to fork!

Great visibility and new partners

The topics of the presentations ranged from successful sales figures to true customer presentations from various business fields. It was great to hear so many different success stories about projects and solutions that Roima’s colleague companies around the world have successfully implemented in different environments.

From Roima’s point of view, the culmination of the presentations came when Schneider Electric presented their most-famed cooperation partners in big project implementations. Roima was raised among the six implementation partners presented – as the first one from the left!

Roima, Schneider Electric's implementation partner

Later on, Roima was mentioned many times for praiseworthy cooperation in big international implementation projects. After these mentions, it was quite easy to tell about Roima, our customers and our internationalization endeavors to the visitors to our booth. The encounters at our conference booth brought Roima a great number of new contacts.

The results of the conference exceeded our expectations by far. The most important cooperation partners were Schneider Electric Software’s retailers around Europe. With them, we actually already agreed on several joint sales and marketing activities, and part of the plans even started to take concrete form straight away by presenting a joint solution to boost the end customer’s business.

All in all, the trip was a great success and gave an enormous boost to realizing Roima’s internationalization goals. This is the way forward!

ROIful greetings from California,

Roima’s trip team Antti & Otso

Antti Varis, Roima

Antti Varis

Otso Saarentaus, Roima

Otso Saarentaus