SAPSyke Hackathon 2017

Fresh ideas for an excellent user experience in SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP Finnish User Group ry is – for the second time – organizing SAPSyke Hackathon. It means bringing together SAP Finug members, latest world class technologies, start-up companies and development teams from education and business organizations. And a lots of let’s do it attitude!

SAPSyke Hackathon 2017 is a development initiative to innovate totally new ways to make use of SAP technologies in agile and user friendly manner, by integrating and transforming businesses towards the unforeseen. Hackathon will take place April 20-21 at Tampere.

Roima Intelligence team is all set to join the hackathon. Our experts are bringing fresh ideas to integration and especially to user interfaces. We aim to create an innovative solution for industrial SAP HANA environment. User experience and flexibility are important to Roima – we want to integrate people, sensors and systems to improve user satisfaction.

”We expect to give and get inspiration, ideas and experience of SAP HANA. Surely we will increase our own knowledge during the hack”, anticipates Roima’s team.

Stay tuned for the news from the hackathon!

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