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Roima Golf Open 2017

The already established (= the second) Roima Golf Open championship was held on 24 August on the fantastic Rock golf course of Nokia River Golf.  This year, the victory of both divisions went to Jari Savolainen with an amazing Stableford score of 40 points and a gross score of 89.   Work preoccupations must have …

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People by the camp fire


In mid-August, Roima’s “Industry Experts” team gathered together at the Valklampi lake house in Nuuksio, near Helsinki in Southern Finland, for a two-day Roima Workshop and recreation event. The team comprises of just over 10 professionals who, when counted together, have over 200 years of experience of the supply chain, quality, warehouse, logistics, production and …

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A winter weekend in Vesilahti Finland

The weekend began with adventure. The scenic view from the bus to Helsinki and Tampere was like a landscape that I had only seen in postcards till now. The sauna – followed by dip into the icy cold water – was something that I had only heard of and watched on Discovery. As amusing as …

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Roima Summer Day 2016

Before leaving to our well-deserved summer vacations we had our Summer Day with the biggest attendance yet! Roima people gathered in Espoo, where we spent the morning in workshops where we shared thoughts about the future Roima development projects, Roima image and other future visions. After the intellectual tasks we headed to Esport Arena for …

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Roima´s Christmas hockey!

Even though the times are busy, the people from Roima´s Espoo office managed to get away from their desks and play some hockey before heading of to celebrate christmas. As always the friendly game of hockey soon turns into a serious game. Fortunately there were no injuries and we got to spend time together away …

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ROIma @ the Beach!!!

Work – Life balance is needed so to blow off some steam Roima staff competed in a “friendly” game of beachvolley. Last time we competed on ice and now we enjoyed some sand under our feet. The teams were divided in our coffee break and two blue and two white teams were formed. After this …

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ROIMA demolishes office silos

Summer is a busy time, even at the office. At the beginning of the summer we had a work party clean up the office of any accumulated relics and other unwanted stuff. At the same time we reorganized the desks in a new order. At about the same time we reached a consensus in the …

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